General Rules

* HackingAny kind of hack will result in a permanent ban.

* Spam/AdvertisingSpam, advertising (includes trade hunting) and recruiting will be punished with a temporary gag/mute. If the offense is repeated the player will be given a permanent gag/mute or teporary ban.

* VoicechatDo not scream or play music in the voicechat. Breaking this rule will result in a teporary mute. Repeated offense can result in permanent gag or teporary ban.

* Banned TopicsDo not discuss topics such as politics, religion, drugs or cheats.

* GreifingDeliberately helping your opponents or deliberately performing actions detrimental to team members' game performance will result in a temporary ban. (Ex, Teamflashing)

* Player namesOffensive names or names related to the banned topics (Se ยง4 Banned topics) are prohibited. Impersonating and/or imitating another player or admin are also prohibited. Advertising names, ex links to websites, are also prohibited.

* Respect AdminsAdmins have the final say in all matters on our servers. Respect them and do not argue with them.

* LanguageThis is an international server so for every one to understand each other we only use english (or swedish). We also ask that you don't use any kind of vulgar language such as swearing/cursing.

* DiscriminationWe have a zero-tolerance for any kind of discrimination or racism.

* BugsExploiting bugs in maps or plugins can result in a temporary ban.

* ReconnectingConstantly/Rapidly reconnecting for purposes like WTJ (winning team join) or to respawn will result in a temporary ban.

* AFKStaying on the server when AFK (Away from keyboard) can result in a temporary ban.

* SpawnkillKilling an enemy right after freezetime/roundstart is not allowed

* Multiple AccountsUsing multiple accounts to reconnect on another account when banned, muted or gagged will result in a temporary ban


* UnderblockYou are not allowed to jump up below a block to make it dissapear

* Understab (CT)You are not allowed to stab a Terrorist that are on a platform where you can not get by just one jump

* Undercamp/Telecamp/Speedboostcamp (CT)You are not allowed to camp below a terrorist that are on block or platform and you are not allowed to camp at an end portal or speedboost block.

* Bodyblock (T)You are not allowed to block a CT with your body.

* GhostingGhosting is ONLY allowed when the Terrorists is at the end of a jump or have been hiding for an extended amount of time.

* Funjump (CT)You are not allowed to jump at blocks where there are no Terrorists to chase. You must always try and find/chase the Terrorists.

* Hiding/camping (T)You are not allowed to stay at one place for a whole round. Ex, at the end of a jump or in a dark corner hiding.


* Switching TeamSwitching or joining the wrong team will result in a ban

* Last player aliveIf you are the last player alive and have finnished the map or if you are stuck, you must use the "kill" command in console.

* Move ForwardAlways move forward on the map. Do not go back and do not camp