Donate to Caosk-Esports

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Please login here and then refresh this page before donating to recive credits/vip features.
Also make sure that you've connected your steam account to your caosk profile.

Donate with by sending the the preferred amount to 123 218 04 12
Type Donate#USERID as message (Replace USERID with your userID - You can find the userID at the end of the URL when you're visiting your profile)

You get 250 Credits for every 15 SEK

15 SEK Credits

30 SEK Forum VIP Access + 50 Bonus Credits

50 SEK Forum VIP Access + Website VIP status/rank + 100 Bonus Credits

100 SEK Forum VIP Access + Website VIP status/rank + In-Game VIP/Reserved slot + 300 Bonus Credits

150 SEK All VIP Features + 500 Bonus Credits

200 SEK All VIP Features + 1000 Bonus Credits

300 SEK All VIP Features + 2500 Bonus Credits

500 SEK All VIP Features + 7500 Bonus Credits