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csg Caosk-Esports vs. Tierp
for Games4u Nordic Master qualifier #5 on 2016-01-02
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Vafan
for Games4u Nordic Masters Qualifier #5 on 2016-01-02
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Kavorkishka
for Games4u Nordic Masters Qualifier #5 on 2016-01-02
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Pods
for Nordic Master qualifier on 2015-12-29
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Resurrection
for Nordic Master qualifier on 2015-12-29
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Executioners
for Cevo PRESEASON 1 on 2015-12-16
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Infinity eSports
on 2015-12-16


Caosk Studios


Ban Raid
Published: Wed, 29th Mar | 00:50 Author: k0nan
Today we've banned about 240 players that our anti-cheat have detected using some kind of macro, script and/or injected cheat to improve their movement in some way.
Some have been bhop- while other might have been gstrafe- or plain strafecheat.
These players were detected sometime between 2016 and now, therefore, if you've cheated in this period of time, you might have gotten banned now.
These bans are shorter than the regular, 3 month ban, that we usually hand out for these type of violations, but we see this action as a sort of warning and hope that this will purge the cheaters of our servers.
All banned players have also gotten their jumps... [Read More]
HNS Block - New Maps!
Published: Sat, 25th Mar | 23:33 Author: k0nan
Today we release three new map builds!
- dust2_hightwall
- de_dust2_long_hns
- de_cache

Please give us your feedback as a comment smiling
Goodgame Förbundsråd 2017
Published: Mon, 20th Mar | 09:37 Author: k0nan
Under helgen har jag (k0nan) och Ellebojan  
Sweden Ellebojan
deltagit på Goodgames förbundsråd i Älmhult.
På rådet beslutades bl.a. en ny formel som kommer att avgöra hur vårat bidrag kommer att se ut fortsättningsvis.
I och med detta kommer vår årsbudget att skilja, möjligen på en stor skala, från den presenterade och framröstade årsbudgeten under vårat årsmöte.

Den nya formeln för att sköta föreningarnas bidrag kommer att baseras på medelvärdet av antalet medlemmar från de senaste 3 åren istället för det nuvarande antal medlemmar som föreningen rapporterar vid årsskiftet.

Föreningen har 20 medlemmar 2016, 23 medlemmar 2017 och 40 med... [Read More]
Discord News
Published: Tue, 14th Mar | 15:00 Author: k0nan
Stay up to date!
We just implemented a new feature to our discordserver.
Our latest news will be announced in the public chat so that you never have to miss a thing!.
Tune in now! Join Discord

We've also added a feature to inform you whenever our streamer, westii, goes live!
Webserver Maintenance
Published: Tue, 14th Mar | 08:39 Author: k0nan
Our website will be offline due to ongoing maintenance from this afternoon until tomorrow morning.
Gameservers and other services will be unaffected.
If you want to reach us during the downtime, we advice you to use our discord server: connect now

Update: The mantenance was done without any downtime.
Case opening & Giveaway!
Published: Tue, 28th Feb | 23:11 Author: Eroma

I samband med att Westii börjar streama under Caosk fanan så kommer vi nu hålla i en case opening och en giveaway på hans stream, så för att vara med på detta gäller det att du är registrerad som full medlem på hemsidan.

Eventet hålls på Westii's live stream kl 18.00 nu på söndag (5 mars)!
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