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csg Caosk-Esports vs. Tierp
for Games4u Nordic Master qualifier #5 on 2016-01-02
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Vafan
for Games4u Nordic Masters Qualifier #5 on 2016-01-02
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Kavorkishka
for Games4u Nordic Masters Qualifier #5 on 2016-01-02
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Pods
for Nordic Master qualifier on 2015-12-29
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Resurrection
for Nordic Master qualifier on 2015-12-29
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Executioners
for Cevo PRESEASON 1 on 2015-12-16
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Infinity eSports
on 2015-12-16


Caosk Studios


Roster changes to Caosk.VKK LoL Squad and a Short Introduction
Published: Sun, 5th Jan | 18:55 Author:
Hey everyone,
Vanilla here bringing some updates on what is currently going on in Caosk's League of Legends Squad.
(This is a pretty long news post with no TL;DR and requires a minor knowledge about League of Legends. As this is mainly a CS driven community, the content might not be suitable for everyone.)

Roster Changes

To begin with, I would like to give some explanations to why we did the following changes.
The primary reason to why we did the changes was due to the recent performance, but also because we've entered a stage where there hasn't been any improvements teamwise; which the recent per... [Read More]
Introducing: mander and Caosk eSports.VKK CS:GO Sweden
Published: Sat, 4th Jan | 00:02 Author:
Who am I?
Hello, I am Mathias mander Andersen and I'm a Swedish Counter-Strike Global Offensive player. I’ve been playing CS:GO since the release/beta with some hiatus during the time and decided to start playing it again on a more competitive level. I’ve also been playing Counter-Strike 1.6 since the age of 11/12, while taking some breaks to play games like WoW, SC2 and LoL. However, I kept playing 1.6 until the end of 2012, mostly playing on the Playnation ladder, and eventually attended events like online tournaments and qualifications.
As a person, I'm very helpful and friendly. In other words, if you have any questions or ... [Read More]
Introducing: SAIIL
Published: Fri, 3rd Jan | 10:09 Author:
Who am I?
Hello, I am Shaun “SAIIL” McKinney, I am an Australian Counter-strike Global Offensive competitor. I’ve been playing CSGO for around 8 months now, however I’ve been playing the Counterstrike series for around ten years. I was not very competitive in Counterstrike: Source because of time management and my current job in the forces. I will be looking to change things for CSGO. I played Counter-strike 1.6 since it came out, yet only played in two teams; one called virus and the other MYTH nonetheless never played at a professional level in the game.
I would say that an endearing trait of mine is that I am loyal and will ... [Read More]
Our Website!
Published: Sun, 15th Dec | 22:05 Author:

Our site!

First of all, we'd like to thank the main sponsors and Toplink for making this happen!

Who are we and what is our goal?

Sweden Eroma
: I come from a small town where there isn't much to do for the teenagers. You have done everything, and you have done those things a lot of times. I thought, "why not create a new interest for the teenagers here in town?". While we're at it, why not use the computer as our tool?
I've been a gamer for a few yea... [Read More]
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