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How to participate
Go to our contact page and use our form.
Set the receiver to: info/support.
Fill out your name and email address (preferable team captains)
Set the topic to "Tournament team"

The message must contain following information.
  • Team name
  • Player names
  • Extra contact information
  • Tournament name

  • This information must be send 24h before the day of the tournament start.
    Rules and Information
    All matches will be BO1 until semifinal. From there on matches will be BO3.

    BO1 (Veto): Chance will determine witch team who first will vote out one map (team a). The second team (team b) will then vote out the next map. This will continue until there is only one map left.

    BO3 (Veto): Chance will determine witch team who first will vote out one map (team a). The second team (team b) will then vote out the next map. This will continue until there are only three maps left. Team A decides which map to play first. Team B decides which map to play next and if needed, the third map will be the only map left in the map pool.

    Check-in: The team (Team Captain) must check in at least 15min before the match is about to begin. The check-in is done on IRC (quakenet) in our channel: #caosk-esports.

    Match start: Matches starts at the time set by admin. If one team got less than five players in-game at the time of the start the match can start with x VS 5 players.

    Victory Proof: The team captain in the winning team must present a screenshot of the scoreboard from the victory and stats to the admin after the match.

    Demo/Replay: If there are suspicions of cheating the opposite team can require the other team to provide demos/replays from the match, therefore it is a requiremet for every player to record the match.

    Match pauses: Teams are only allowed to pause the game during freezetime. Each team has a maximum of 10 min paused time during a match.

    Using of Bugs: All bugs are prohibited and usage will result in disqualification

    Offensive Nicks, images, etc..: Offensive nicknames, avatars or text-chat activity can result in disqualification

    Clantag: All players must use their clantags during the match.

    Disconnecting player: If a player is to leave the match the match must be paused during freezetime next round.

    Third-party-programs: No theird-party-programs that alter the game in any way are allowed. All forms of overlays are prohibited.

    Scripts: All forms of scripting are prohibited.

    Conflicts: If a conflict between the teams occurs that they cannot solve themself an admin will step in to take a decision on how to proceed.

    Aborted Match: If a match gets aborted (by a server-crash for example) before the fourth round, the match will be re-played. If the fourth round has passed the team captains and admins will discuss how to proceed.
    Server settings
    mp_startmoney 800
    mp_roundtime 1.75
    mp_freezetime 15
    mp_maxrounds 30
    mp_c4timer 35
    sv_pausable 1
    ammo_grenade_limit_default 1
    ammo_grenade_limit_flashbang 2
    ammo_grenade_limit_total 4

    mp_maxrounds 6
    mp_startmoney 10000